Stagecraft 101

Stagecraft 101

What is it?

Stagecraft 101 is an educational initiative by the Guild designed to teach our volunteers and the community about the fundamentals of working behind the scenes. Many people are interested in helping out in the theater, but do not want to be on stage. They don’t realize that there are many other areas where they can help. A series of classes offered this summer about the art (and science) of working backstage, cover the following disciplines:

  • Fundamentals of Directing
  • Stage Management
  • Lighting Design
  • Sound Design
  • Light/Sound Board Operation
  • Set Design
  • Set Construction
  • Costuming & Makeup

Who may enroll?

These classes are open to students aged 16 and up. You don't have to have any prior experience.

What is the fee?

Anyone in the community may enroll in the classes for FREE. Some classes may have a class materials fee. The fee will be posted per class if required or optional.

Who will teach the classes?

An active PTG volunteer or guest teacher from the local theater community with expertise in any of the above areas.

Why are we offering these classes?

Offering these classes helps us to fulfill our mission to “entertain, inform, inspire, and educate” and to provide opportunities to adults and children to develop talents in all aspects of theatre arts.

We are also developing our pool of trained technicians and creative leadership to assist with our productions. Not only will we grow in numbers of qualified people, we will have a diverse array of leaders to bring fresh perspectives to our productions and the community.

If you are interested in teaching a class or have ideas on how to improve the series, please contact us.

When Can I Register?

Not all classes will be offered at all times. Please check back regularly to see the schedule. In the meantime, to be notified of class offerings, sign up for our newsletter on the right side of this page.