Auditions ~ A Midsummer Night's Dream

Auditions Announced:

A Midsummer Night's Dream by William Shakespeare
Adapted and directed by Jonathan Gonzalez

The classic tale of love, madness, magic, and transformation comes to the Pearl! For this production, we will focus on a psuedo-victorian world that encounters a rip in space time where our fateful lovers are transported to a groovy swinging magic forest! Actors are encouraged to make large choices, and while no Shakespeare experience is required, we will be looking to more seasoned actors in the larger roles. No accents please. Please be familiar with the script before auditioning. All auditioners will be assigned a side to read by the director, but will also get an opportunity to pick one character they wish to read for. (Possibly more, time permitting.) Since this is Shakespeare, actors will be expected to do work outside of rehearsal on character, research, scansion, etc. With that in mind, please read the play beforehand, familiarize yourself with the characters before auditioning.
A link to the characters is here -
(Although they left out one: EGEUS-Angry, crotchety stuck up father to Hermia. He wants her to marry Demetrius and begs the Duke to carry out a sentence of death on her if she doesent.)
Here is a copy of the entire play online:


Preview: Aug. 23, 2018 @ 7:30pm
Performances: August 24-Sept. 9, 2018
Fridays and Saturdays @ 8:00pm
Sundays @ 3:00pm
Thursday, August 30 @ 7:30pm


Generally, rehearsals will be Mondays-Thursdays from 6:30- 10:00pm and Selected weekends 1-4. . Not everyone will be called for every rehearsal. Some conflicts will be accepted.


• Sunday, July 1: 7-10 pm
• Monday, July 2: 7-10 pm
• All ages accepted, but please note all principal roles will be 18+ Children will be considered for one line or nonspeaking fairy roles.

For more information on auditions, please feel free to contact us, .

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